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new license.

I lost my license a couple weeks ago and had to get another one. On the way to the tag agency I stopped by Michael's Craft Store and grabbed some stickers and stuck them on my face.

Also, if you look closely, you can see a fake bluejay peeking his head into the bottom of the photo. I should have used a cardinal, it wouldn't have blended in with my shirt so much. The lady at the tag agency was confused and reluctant to cooperate, but after I spouted off some bullshit about how "the law only requires the eyes and mouth to be unobstructed in a government issued I.D.", she agreed to take the photo. Afterwards, she xeroxed it and hung it up on their wall and I wasn't sure what to think about that. She'll probably get in trouble by her supervisor for this. Or I will.

I am very excited about getting my license renewed in a couple months. I'm thinking about changing the words on my head every time I get a new license and writing a long run-on sentence over time. As my hair disappears I'll probably be able to fit some pictures up there. Maybe even a giant exclamation mark.

Year 1: "Help"
Year 2: "Me"
Year 3: "I'm"
Year 4: "Getting"
Year 5: "Older"
Year 6: "And"
Year 7: "Crazier."

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Reader Comments (2)

That is brilliant! Ha. I sent in your stuff to Park the Van records. Havent heard anything, so they are about to get it again. I met the guys of Dr. Dog backstage in Columbus last month, told them to check you out.

So did you ever get in trouble (or find out you should have)? Did you follow up when you had it renewed? I'm eager to know so I can have fun with my next license photo.

September 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJDM

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