I Want to Kill My Doctor

So, I've been having trouble sleeping lately and decided to call my doctor to request some medication to help knock me out. A few months ago I tried a brand of sleeping medication called temazepam and it really helped a great deal, so I figured I should mention it to him.

Well, he fucked me over.

The brand name for the drug temazepam is Ristoril.

I asked my doctor for Ristoril.

Turns out he sent me Vistaril
or hydroxyzine pamoate,

which is also known as:


Here it is at PedMeds.Com

I took one tonight and had a raging anxiety attack.

Apparently hydroxyzine pamoate is also prescribed for humans and is non-addictive which generally translates to: This medication doesn't work and is more than likely ONLY GOOD FOR DOGS.

I hate my doctor so much right now.