Today's To Do List

Today, I rented both a grizzly bear costume and a
private wedding chapel.

I played a little music,
ate some grapes,
and did the dishes.

I also mailed some letters,
placed a black tarp over my future garden,
drank tea,
and played a little more music.

And thanks to that pleasant, bubblegum flavored circle,
I spent some time reminiscing Chewels,

Tidal Wave,

and Pillsbury Food Sticks. Ahhhh. Pillsbury Food Sticks. Such Memories.

Wait a second... I don't remember Pillsbury Foodsticks. FOOD STICKS?
I didn't eat Pillsbury Food Sticks. I don't even know what they are.

Food Sticks? What's a food stick? And what are the ingredients?
Let's check...


Hmmm. Sounds pretty good.