How to Avoid a Potentially Dangerous Situation - Almost Robbed

The other night, while driving back from a pancake house with Dustin and Mitch, I encountered a potentially dangerous situation. It was around 3 AM and we were in Dustin's brother's truck (a GIANT Dodge RAM, complete with a lift kit and 36" tires). We had just pulled into a residential neighborhood when a strange truck aggressively pulled up behind us and began honking. Thinking there might be something wrong with our truck, we stopped and cracked the window. Like lightning, a shady guy came shuffling towards us with his hands buried deep in his pockets. His voice was quiet and his eyes were cold. At first he seemed to approach us with intent, but upon discovering 3 of us in the truck, he soon backed off and began to rant on about how he "lives in Guthrie" and is "working construction on his dad's house" and needed "gas money to get home". Throughout the story his right hand stayed buried in his pocket.

Now... the good part.

Dustin couldn't really see the guy because our truck was so tall. Also, he couldn't move much because he was wearing a life-size BEAR SUIT from shooting a scene in our latest film at the pancake house. Mitch was also in costume, wearing REALLY BIG EYEBROWS and a weird FAKE MOUSTACHE.

Due to the time of night, the stranger's aggressive driving maneuvers, and the bizarre disposition of his character, had there only been one of us in the truck, we believe this guy's intention was to mug the driver. HOWEVER, when he finally got a look at the cargo... which looked a lot like THIS:

bear.jpg mitch.jpg
our little mystery man quickly changed his strategy to BEGGING for money
instead of TAKING IT.

I wish Mitch would've spoken in a serious, baritone voice and said:
"Hey there Buddy. Wanna join the party?"

I only wish I knew what that guy was thinking when he drove away.