cannot sleep tonight.

I can't sleep tonight.
It feels like there's something burning in my eyes.
Or maybe it's in the back of my mind?

Once again, I don't know who I am tonight.
I tell ya, if my childhood spirit were to see me now,
he probably wouldn't know either.

I've been driving and walking for hours now.
Down by the bridges.
Down near the south part of town.
Stopping by the house just to sit down for a minute,
and then get up
and do it all over again.

I'll probably drive all night tonight.

Too restless to sit still.
Too crazy to be moving for too long.

I do like the night.
I used to be scared of it as a kid.
But I've grown to love its peaceful smother.

I like squinting and watching the street lights pass.
Feels like I'm flying through space,
passing through blurry
smears of stars.

Being alone like this,
forces you to find love in the strangest places.
In the cracks.
In the puddles.
In the memories.

In the details.

You make do with what you got.
And do whatever it takes to survive.
Even if it means,
soaking in the streetlights,
and loving the lonely side of life.