D for JK.

Received a call from the field producers of the Jimmy Kimmel Show today.
They asked if I'd be interested in directing for them during the month of May.

It's kind of weird.
I'd be making things for a national, mainstream audience,
which is something I've never done before,
or had any interest in doing for that matter.

I've been living in my own head for so long
and making things by instinct with total creative freedom,
it's hard for me to imagine what this might be like.

They said I'd have to join the Director's Guild and pay my dues
and I'll have to travel back to sweaty Los Angeles for a bit.

I guess if it all pans out,
it'll be a learning experience one way or the other.

Who knows?
Life is so fucking nuts.
One minute I feel like I'm face down in the gutter,
and the next,
I'm being invited to work in a shiny, polished gutter for money.

Hopefully, I can at least pet some of the weird, sewer alligators!!

(I mean... cough... celebrities)