An Arkan-Sassy Weekend Full of Sass!

Sass! Last week I joined a few friends on a road trip to a small town in Arkansas to watch Red and Digsy play a sassy show. Red is a brilliant song writer and a solo piano player. Digsy is a versatile drummer and an all-around fantastic musician. 8 of us all jumped in Red's rapist van and hit the highway on a care free road trip into razorback country. Here we see Morgan of the Sister's Boone, thinking about pie. red12.jpgThe town they were playing in was called Ozark and I tell ya, it was about as southern as they come. In fact, immediately upon arrival, the FIRST thing I see is THIS: a guy in a CONFEDERATE TANK TOP.
Um... how do you say FANCY in Arkansas Drawl? red.jpg The people were all very friendly to us (since we're WHITE) and I'd probably remember a lot more had I not been drinking Long Island Ice Tea the entire time. In fact, I got so hammered I decided to try and start an old fashioned cowboy bar fight by throwing a glass. But before I got the chance, Red (THE KING OF THROWING GLASSES) begged me to refrain and I did, after a little bartering. As the night advanced, I ended up meeting a crazy, local girl named Julie who had a friend with a missing tooth. When her friend disappeared and I asked her where "the guy with the missing tooth went" she said, "I don't know who the hell you're talking about!!! AALLLLL MY FRIENDS have missing teeth!"red3.jpg
The show went well and I received a FREE $7.00 Long Island Ice Tea after my waiter spilled a drink on my THOUSAND DOLLAR camera with the EIGHT HUNDRED dollar wide angle lens.red6.jpgred10.jpgred7.jpgAfter the show we drove to a cabin by Lake Eufala. Melissa, Red, and myself all slept in one room, with Red jumping in the top bunk. Red is not known for his limber, agile, sportsman-like anatomy and had a very hard time getting on the bed. I found this to be VERY amusing. Once he got up there, he became STRANDED and couldn't get down. I remember him saying that he felt like he was living in India. When I asked him why he felt like he was living in India he replied with confidence: "I have a feeling they stack 'em up pretty high in India."
In the morning, we all convened in the living room and left Red stranded on the top bunk. He hovered around the edge for about ten minutes, like a nervous dog on a diving board. Like the wonderful person that I am, instead of getting the ladder and helping my friend out, I just laughed at him and took pictures.