Rocklahoma 1

So... I am now at my new (temporary) home, Los Angeles, after a pretty hard drive.

My partner in crime, Vanessa Bonet, flew out to Oklahoma to ride back with me. Beforehand we joined my Texas friends up in Pryor, Oklahoma for the 2nd annual Rocklahoma festival which is like a hair metal version of Coachella. I have never seen more mullets, g-strings, and confederate flags in my entire life. And it was wonderful.

Rocklahoma was a breath of fresh air. For years now I've been going to art festivals and artist gatherings and Rocklahoma was the exact opposite of EVERYTHING I've ever been involved with the past decade. In fact, there is NO REASON that I should have been at Rocklahoma. And that felt great.

Here are some pictures I snapped at the festival. I love the first three in this series. I think they might be the best pictures I've ever taken.

I have a ton of pictures. I will post more in the next blog.