you must be this tall ----------------}

Well then,
toss me in the trunk!

I'll sit in a breathless void
with the wires and the rags and the fuzzy caution lights
and I'll suck the oily vapors
and force myself a-w-a-k-e.

Or hell,
strap me to the roof!

I'll clench my teeth
as wind blown scabs slap me in the face
and airborne highway grasshoppers
cut scars around my eyes.

I'll hold on.

I'll hold onto to the roof rack for as long as I possibly can,
watch my tie break into seizures and thrash about
while the bills in my pocket, sail to the sky.

Yes my friend, I'll take the beating of a lifetime,
fight to maintain grip, toil and struggle,
and even smile at the end

as long as you will kindly

take me with you

for the ride.