big yellow surprises

pictured above...
is an honest baby.

there are days when i feel just like that baby.
days when i think i have the world simplified.
days when my perspective is narrow enough
to keep life roughly manageable.

and then...
a giant, yellow question mark reaches out and grabs me.

and no matter how much i scream,
his face never changes.

he knows i know nothing...
and his stitchy smile
is life's sadistic way of reminding me.

what is this weird place
where adults walk around
inside grotesque exaggerations of themselves?

there's certainly no truth to be found here.

just random bits of color, 
raining with the ticker-tape.

costumes and flashlights

waiting while searching

then taken away

to that final, queer, everlasting holiday
we all cherish
 and fear.