The Bush Dog

The Bush Dog is a nice fellow,
but if you get between him and his apples,
he'll cuss you out.

The Bush Dog is considered to be the most mysterious animal in the zoo.
He eats, sleeps, works, and breathes... in a bush.
It has been this way for many centuries.
In fact, scientists believe that The Burning Bush, as described in the Old Testament,
was just a bush dog,
smoking a cigarette.

It is a well known fact that Bush Dogs love calazones.
Calazones and leaves.
And if the Bush Dog possesses one crippling addicition,
it is this:


is considered the Bush Dog's soul weakness.

follows as a close second.

The Bush Dog loves to relax and soak it all in.
It is not unusual for a bush dog to spend hours just sitting in a bush,

Smiling like a princess.

Many bush dogs want to learn how to play the piano,
speak Gaelic,
or become Marine Biologists.

But unfortunately, for the Bush Dog,
the act of sitting in a bush and smiling,
feels better and is frankly,
soooooo much easier.