Still Going

it seems as more time goes by
i write less

 but oh, how my wheels still tear up the pavement,
my mind driving madly through the mountains,
giving even the underside of every highway overpass
my undivided attention.
as i drive i watch everything as if I might find some
lovely accident of nature

hidden in the cracks,
something frightening,
anything beautiful,

that might provide me with just enough distraction
to make it to the next minute.

 to make it to the next stop.

i don't know where i am going tonight.
but i do know that wherever the music takes me,
wherever my instincts pull the wheel,
i'll be alone with the patched and tattered moon,
the electric green grass lit by
the halogen street lights, flaring orange,
and the sodium fog as it breathes through the canyons
across the road,
bent but unbroken. 

everything quiet.

everything alone,
in its own, little world.

as it should be.