You Have To Show Up

just play the piano.
your song will come later.

just keep your head up
and move your fingers
and read the music that's been written.
your song will come when it's ready.
just show up,
put in your time,
and when you least expect it,
your song will be there.

and it will be magnificent.

and it will remind you of who you are,
what you love,
and why you do what you do.

just play the piano.
even if it feels empty,
and even if it feels cold.
just play the piano.

it's worth it, my friend.

even if it feels like
the ceiling may collapse.

even if it feels uncomfortable
and wrong.

sit down and play.

it is extremely important
that you put it in the time,
even if you feel like
there's nothing there.

because when the time comes
that something IS there,

you must be ready.

because it may just be that very moment
that defines your life.

so play the piano, my friend.
and be patient.

your song will come.

and it will be better than you ever thought possible.