The Gnats

The Gnats

we felt like it was over
and suddenly gnats appeared in
our home
and they wouldn't go away

a commitment was made to remove the gnats
and move forward

but still, the gnats were there,
one in every corner,
by the bookcase,
near the window,
hovering in front of the television
like dust

we tried flushing the sink with bleach
and boiling water.
perhaps they were coming from the drain? the trap?

or maybe it was the kitchen?

we removed the pears
we removed the watermelon
we removed all the sweet things
in our efforts
to control the gnats.

but still, the gnats.

vibrating in the air
like gun powder.

specks of Sharpie dots.
flecks of black sesame.

always there.

the gnats.

and so, defeated,
we gave up.
we slumped over
and we waited.
and we waited some more.
and weeks went by.
and eventually, the gnats just went away.
and we didn't have to do anything at all.

the gnats just left.

and the air was clear.

and i assumed it was our patience
that got the best of them.

or perhaps our apathy.

or maybe...

we just stopped
the gnats.