You and Me


i met you on unstable ground,
a floor held up by truck jacks and paving stones,
and how it was that we didn't collapse
perplexed the on-lookers 
and most of our friends.

we hurt ourselves
and we ruined furniture
and we ruined clothes.

and we made a mess of things.

a wonderful mess at times.

an awful mess at others.

but even then,
we knew, that no matter what happened,
one of us would always be there for the other,
standing there in the background,
foggy and blurred,
waiting in the farthest reaches of the rear view mirror

as the other one drove away.

because when you base a friendship
not just on love,
but on the mutual, shared pain of existence
the bond becomes such that it can never
be razed.

and that's how I've always thought of you.

there waiting in my mirror.

my comrade
in rapture

my best friend
in pain.