What You Become

you do something over and over enough,
whether you like it or not,
pretty soon, that is just what you do.

eventually, we all become the
quirks, ticks and eccentricities that we
develop over the years.

like a tree enveloped by vines
that eventually becomes a bush
we become our couch, we become our tools,
we become our spouse, we become our parents
and we become our jobs.

whether we like it or not.

we become our environment both literally and figuratively.

when we're driving on the freeway with the wind behind us
and the sun setting over the mountains
we become those mountains and we become that wind.

and that is why we feel so free when doing those things.

and then we die and we become
whatever box, canister or hole we're tossed into.

and then that's that.

so if you are trapped in a world that you don’t wish to become,
be sure to keep a flower in your window,
a song in your ear and a poem in your pocket.
for you may not be able to control your world
with your own desired precision...
but you can most certainly influence its direction,

with beauty and love and all the womderful things

you wish to become.