My Reflection

this morning i woke up, opened the door, and looked in the mirror
and the man i saw looking back at me was different than i remember
he was a lot older
he seemed sad
he was dressed in blue
he had a large satchel flung around his shoulder
and his arm was protruding past the reflection plane
and he was slapping a handful of letters in my face
and he was saying:
"hey stupid... hey... hey man... take your mail... hey...
your box is full... take this... it's your mail... take it damn it...
there's no room in your box."

i refused his offer

"no way," i said, "i'm not gonna take that mail!
it's all just grocery store news and low finance rates!
there's not a single personal letter in there!"

with a smirk he held up a postcard

"you're not fooling me," I said, "that postcard was laser printed to
APPEAR as if it were hand written! look at who it's from! A DENTIST.
i don't know anybody named DENTIST."

angry and tired, he set the mail down on my stoop and
walked over to the next house

i have such a weird reflection

i need to wash that mirror