The WORST Invention EVER made.

Three different couples I know just had kids.
All within the past three days.
I was going to order them this as a gift
but I found out it's from a 1953 Popular Mechanics
and not a 2008 Sears catalog.

I guess I'll just give them each a big wooden crate or something.
Might work just them same.
apartmentwindowcage.jpg "Enclosed in a wire cage suspended from an apartment window, English children play in the sunlight and fresh air while their mothers are busy with housework. The cage, made of wire netting, is strongly braced and is guarded on the apartment side by a cloth net which prevents children from crawling back into the room where they may attempt to destroy the home. Loaned by an infant welfare center to families with no gardens, the portable balcony is apparently popular with mothers and fathers with little patience. The demand exceeds the supply."
1953 Popular Mechanics