and you get older.

and what used to take minutes suddenly takes days.

and your schedule fills up quicker
and the world becomes a blender
and lives get mixed in
with each other
and then strained out.

and you forget everyone's birthday.

and you suddenly remember
your first pair of shoes. 

and you fall in love with your old favorite
colors again.

and you lose all your digital pictures.

and you finally accept that it's time
to replace your favorite

and the others just aren't as soft.

you suddenly enjoy the foods
you once despised.

you still sing
though your voice is gone.

you enjoy sitting outside
and doing nothing. 

and you grow old,
all the while,
you grow old. 

and in the end
you leave with a little gasp
just like a quick breeze
through the foyer.

just like that wonderful autumn breeze.

just like everyone else.