Jewelry on TV

Once a month, jewelry goes on sale on The Home Shopping Network,
and the sales women get really excited.

-------------------Copied Verbatim-------------------

"Ladies and gentleman, oh Lordy... oh Lordy...
everything you see here,
everything on the tray...
is RED CARPET jewelry.

Look at this tray!
It is FULL of gorgeous jewelry.
We have the best emeralds,
the best rubies,
the best alexandrite...
Item 21-B is heart shaped with.. I believe... yes, specertite.
HEART SHAPED! How cute is that Valerie?
Hearts mean true love.
Every woman's fantasy.
Am I right Valerie? This is specertite, correct?

(no response)

Well, these pieces are not the tens of thousands of dollars you'd expect.
They aren't $40 but I will tell you that they are much cheaper than retail.

I challenge you to TRY and find these prices in your retail store.
your treasure is on this tray.
The treasure you have been searching for is here.
Look at this... look at this...
a pair of 14 karat white gold, diamond earrings.
These are pure celebrity.
They have a three and a half inch drop
and they are the epitome of the red carpet.
Only $5999.00.
That's right. $5999.00 for that celebrity shine.

Check out item 3C.
I mean look at that sapphire, it just won't stop.... it just won't stop.
Simply gorgeous.
When's the last time your husband laid something like this on your neck?
I know mine gets scared in the jewelry store! Now's your chance to treat yourself.
Dress up that neck! You deserve the red carpet treatment.

A sapphire is great piece of jewelry because it can be casual yet elegant.
Look at this sapphire, so elegant. It pops. All this jewelry does.
Again, ladies, it's aaalllll RED CARPET.

I mean really, can you believe the items on this tray?
Valerie, can you believe it?
This tray is a dream, isn't it?
Okay, she doesn't have her mic on but I can speak for her...
these items...
are just breathtaking and if you could see Valerie's face,
she's as excited as I am. She looks really excited. Ladies, this is a REAL event.

Valerie - "Okay, I'm on!" 

There she is!

"Dot, I'm really excited about all this. I can't sit still!"
I know, I just told our viewers how excited you are.

"I had a bit of a... technical... um... (shuffling sounds) microphone problem, yes I had a problem with my microphone, but I'm ready to go now, and I want our viewers to know that what they're seeing today is out of this world.  I can't think of a better line of jewelry than what we have on our program today."

It's true red carpet.

"It's red carpet, it's Hollywood, it's everything you dream of.  It's a dream come true, Dot.  It really is...
a dream