Dress to Rip - Vest to Throw

Dear Universe, you're quite a show.
I'd like to buy an episode.
Send a box and please enclose:
One DRESS to rip.
One VEST to throw.

And a lovely penny on a rail,
that's wrecked some trains and sparked some tales,
and loves the labels on the wine,
swipes her bangs,
but hides her eyes.

Draws finger quilts, with window steam
that appear and vanish, as she breathes
and sharpens scissors in her head,
for thicker seams
and tougher thread.

No model, dream-life, art store ad
like paisley bones in catholic plaid.
Those lick 'em stars, they never stick
and scented markers
dry out quick.

Dear Universe, my episode:
Two strangers dancing snag their clothes,
thread their breath and window sew:
One DRESS to rip.
One VEST to throw.